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New Season, New Schedule

While the summer solstice is officially the first day of the summer season, many of us use holidays like Memorial Day, Independence day or the last day of school to welcome the change in seasons. Whether consciously or not, we experience a change in schedule during the summer months. This may be due to children now home from school, seasonal changes in work hours, getting away on vacation or simply due our sleep schedule getting thrown off with longer days. The beautiful albeit hot and muggy weather, longer daylight hours and relaxed atmosphere are undeniably alluring. Barbecues, happy hours, catching up with friends and family, vacations, trips to the pool or beach begin to fill our calendars.

Let's take advantage of the extra sunlight in the mornings and evenings by getting outside, or integrating a new or neglected healthy habit into our daily life. Yoga is a great practice to start now, as you can do it anywhere (including while on vacation), and no equipment is needed. Even a short practice will make you feel better and will increase your flexibility, strength and balance. Incorporating yoga into your routine now will firmly establish it and will make you more likely to keep it up as summer fades into fall. Kick off your shoes and join me for 30 minutes on the mat. There is no time like the present.

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