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Prioritizing Yourself

As non essential businesses reopen across the country, our day to day routines are shifting once again. Navigating this in-between, with some industries resuming while others are still on hold, can make life more challenging as we juggle our jobs and our family's schedules.

To combat the stressors of our daily life, endorphin boosting practices like exercise can help improve your mood, energy and disposition. Prioritize yourself by spending 30 minutes clearing your mind of outside distractions and connecting with your breath as you move through the following sequence. These postures will open and lengthen the muscles of the shoulders, chest, neck and jaw, areas we tense subconsciously when stressed. If you're already feeling good, yoga will make you feel even better! No yoga experience nor equipment is needed. If you're participating in Strava's June Recovery challenge, don't forget to upload your workout!

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