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Strava June 2020 Recovery Challenge

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

If you're an avid athlete it's easy to become laser focused on the sport you're practicing. With limited free time, and goals aplenty, many of us work hard to reach the next level. Part of the thrill of the sport is the satisfaction we feel when we learn a new skill and become proficient at it. This month, Strava, the fitness tracking app for cyclists, runners and workout enthusiasts of many disciplines, is challenging athletes to integrate at least one 30 minute yoga workout a week into their training. Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen the body, lengthen muscles, repair imbalances and restore energy. It is a complimentary workout to all traditional cardio and weight training exercises. This is a free challenge, anyone using the app can sign up for it. Here's how:

1. In the app, select "Explore" from the menu along the bottom of your screen:

2. Then sort by "Challenges" at the top of your screen:

3. Scroll through the list of challenges and click "Join": (You may find some other inspiring challenges to sign up for!)

What happens next?

If using a wearable device that syncs with Strava, it's easy to upload yoga workouts to your Strava training log. If not, you can manually add workouts in the app or browser.

Once you've logged at least one 30 minute yoga workout each week in June, you'll earn a digital award for your Strava trophy case, but the larger reward will be your change in habits, and the way you feel. Small goals like this one can lead to significant changes our routines.

Get started today with the 35 minute yoga practice below. This sequence is great for runners, walkers and cyclists, who could benefit from lengthening the muscles of the lower body.

If you're not using Strava, or not into tracking workouts, that's OK! The challenge is inspiration, but not necessary to make yoga a part of your life. Prioritize integrating one yoga practice into your schedule each week for the next month. Mark it on your calendar to keep you focused! Enjoy!

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