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Create Your Own Workout

If you're looking for a fresh workout, or you're unable to make it to the gym or studio, these quick body weight exercises require no special equipment and are perfect if your time is limited. Create your own workout, by completing 1-3 sets of any of the circuits below, or complete one set of each circuit for a fun, total body burn!

Circuit A: Exercises include: Side Lunges, Standing Oblique Crunches, Plie Squats, Diamond Push Ups & Quadruped Hip Extension

Circuit B: Exercises include: Alternating Squat Kicks, Around the World Lunges, Push Ups, Heel Taps

Circuit C: Exercises include: Narrow to Wide Stance Squats, Single Leg Dead Lifts, Marching Bridges, Clam shells & Quadruped Leg Lifts

Circuit D: Exercises include: Squat Thrusts, Lunge with Knee Raise, Hot Hands, Tricep Dips & Bicycle Crunches

I hope you enjoyed this workout!

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